Wish List,
Perceived Value,
Brand Association

Creative Development

Bringing ideas to life. Our creative team have the capability to bring characters to life.
Working with licensor’s style guides to develop artwork, models, prototypes etc for approval. We work directly with the licensor to follow up all approval comments and manage this process on behalf of our clients.

Initial Concept

Showing you our ideas. Once we have brainstormed concepts that fit our clients requirements, we present the initial concepts for our clients approval before proceeding to the next stage of developing the product for approval.

Client Approval

Your input is valuable working together with our clients at every stage of the product development. Our partners have the opportunity to approve the concept, designs, samples and pre-production etc. before we proceed to the next stage.

Product Costing

Our aim is to reply to our clients within 48 hours of receiving a brief to cost products for potential promotional activity. Working with our client’s budget, the costs will reflect how to achieve this taking into account all aspects regarding safety, materials etc. The costs range from FOB to DDP depending on clients requirements.


You may have a requirement for brand new 3 dimensional product designs. If our partners promotional plans involve 3D products, We have everything in-house to develop models or prototypes within 10-14 days from receipt of style-guide artwork. We would handle all product approval with the licensors to manage the whole process.


We understand our partners need peace of mind.
We produce pre-production Golden samples for our clients to sign off approve before starting any production.

Product Approval

Working together with our partners both clients and licensors to manage the approval process.
The approval process can be very time consuming and needs a level of expertise to make sure that this runs smoothly and to save time wherever possible. Imagine8 liaise directly with the licensors to manage the approval process on behalf of our partners.

Quality Control

Quality control is managed locally at the factory with Imagine8 QA inspectors and independently with HOKLAS approved safety testing houses.
Imagine8 follows its own as well as our clients code of conduct that the factories we work with have to adhere to.

Premium Production

The production is managed from concept through to delivery.
The production is managed by local representatives, in local time and in local language, following the approved pre-production samples that our partners have signed off on. Our own team will oversee production at the factory.

Point of Purchase

Creating the whole package.
Imagine8 have the capabilities to design and mock-up packaging and point-of-sale for all products that we supply to our clients, taking into account safety warnings, logos, brand awareness and design etc.


Imagine8 has the capability to ship to any destination in the World. Co-ordination from the factory to the Port/Ports/ final Delivery address
Preparation of All Shipping Documents
Manage Logistics, Shipping charges, Duty, Customs clearance, palletising, handling etc. Local delivery to 1 address or multiple addresses. Imagine8 take all the stress out of the delivery so that you deal with one company, handling all your needs.