By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we encourage open dialogue and free-flowing ideas. Through active listening and respectful feedback, we harness the collective intelligence of our team, resulting in unique and groundbreaking solutions.

Creative Development

Through collaboration and experimentation, we refine our initial ideas, incorporating feedback and pushing boundaries. Finally, our talented team meticulously crafts the chosen concept into a tangible and captivating end product, delivering exceptional creative solutions to our clients.

Initial Concept

Imagine8 collaborates closely with our clients to craft innovative and tailored design concepts, combining their vision with our creative expertise to deliver captivating initial designs.

Client Approval

Imagine8 employ a streamlined client approval process to ensure efficient collaboration. Through clear communication channels and a structured workflow, we engage clients in every step of the decision-making process.

Product Costing

We initiate the costing process by carefully analysing our partner's requirements and crafting a tailored approach that considers various factors, such as budget, lead time and preferred materials.


If you're thinking about including 3D products in your plans, you can rely on Imagine8 to provide the necessary in-house resources for developing 3D models and prototypes. Furthermore, we take care of the approval process with the licensor, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.


Understanding our partners' need for peace of mind, we produce pre-production Golden samples, which our clients sign off and approve before commencing full-scale production.

Approval Process

Collaborating closely with our partners, including both clients and licensors, we efficiently manage the approval process, which can be time-consuming and requires expertise to ensure a smooth and expedited workflow. At Imagine8, we directly engage licensors to handle the approval process on behalf of our partners, minimising delays and optimising time.

Quality Control

Quality control is overseen both on-site at the factory by Imagine8's QA inspectors and independently through safety testing houses approved by HOKLAS. Imagine8 strictly abides by its own and our client's code of conduct, ensuring that the factories we collaborate with maintain the required quality and safety standards.

Premium Production

The production process is comprehensively managed, starting from the concept stage and extending all the way to delivery. Local representatives, operating in local time and utilising the local language, oversee the production, ensuring adherence to the pre-production samples that have been approved by our partners. Additionally, our dedicated team closely monitors the production activities at the factory.

Point of Purchase

Imagine8 possesses the necessary capabilities to design and create mock-ups of packaging and point-of-sale materials for all the products we provide to our clients. Our comprehensive approach includes considerations such as safety warnings, logos, brand awareness, and design elements.


Imagine8 possesses the capability to deliver to any destination worldwide, efficiently coordinating the process from the factory to the port(s) or final delivery address. We cover all common shipping terms such as FOB, CIF, and DDP, as well as the preparation of all shipping documents. Our services encompass managing logistics, shipping charges, duty, customs clearance, palletising, handling, and more. Whether it's a single address or multiple addresses, Imagine8 alleviates delivery-related stress by consolidating your needs under one company's care.